Shock Doctor Boys Compression Brief with BioFlex Cup

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Shock Doctor Core Brief With Bioflex Cup Little Kids

User reviews

I write this review realising how different my life would be if this product had existed when I was a kid. You see, I hated playing sports. Not because I did not enjoy them, not because I was terrible at them, but primarily because I absolutely despised wearing a cup. When I was a kid, wearing a cup required wearing a jock strap. The jock strap, I think, was invented in the dark ages as a medieval torture device. I can remember as a kid being so insanely uncomfortable that I despised going to baseball practice. It was awful to put on, it was awful to wear, it was awful to own. Sure you could pull the cup out if you had to go do something after practice, but the jock strap stayed on, digging into your skin and causing severe discomfort. Quitting baseball got me out of wearing a jock strap, and not playing other sports kept me safe from the horrors a jock strap would inflict.Fast forward twenty-five years. My five year old started T-ball, and on day one his coach told us that cups are required. Oh no I thought. How can i inflict on my son the same pain that I felt as a kid? What kind of monster must I become to ensure that he can stay safe at T-ball? I got on amazon, and started looking for the little torture device that he needs.Thankfully, I came across this. It is underwear. Normal comfortable underwear. But it also has a slot for a cup. It is amazing! No more horrific jock strap. No more post practice discomfort (slide the cup out, and it is just normal underwear!). My son has worn it to practice a few times, and tells me he cant even tell it is there.If this had existed when I was a kid, I would probably be an MLB pitcher or an NFL quarterback. I would have millions of dollars. I would have a different life. Oh well.As for fit, I got an XXS for my five year old. He is a bit on the small side for his age, but this fit him perfectly.
My 6 year old son plays youth tackle football and t-ball. We purchased this product for those sports... on the first day after washing everything my son walked around the house and banged on it all day *sigh* you can imagine, he spent a lot of time finding different ways to hit himself to see if it would hurt...In his words, "Dude mom, this thing totally keeps my peep safe." This product has lasted through multiple washings and is still going. On another note, we had to travel quite a lot with our football team and it was super convenient that we could just slide the cup out after the game and he could just wear the briefs like underwear on the long ride home; no complaining from the backseat *woohoo!I bought him a size XS, he weighs about 50-55 pounds and is super skinny; we usually buy 7s adjustable waist jeans at the Children's Place (that should help some of you with sizing). This was the perfect size for him.Oh yeah, I recommend that you buy the extra brief 2 pack if you are playing sports multiple times a week; just convenience for the person keeping up with laundry.Update: a year later and we are still going strong. Great quality!
Since this is not something that I (personally) wore - I'm giving it a review on what it does. The boy says it's as comfortable as a cup can get (apparently - they are not that comfortable). And it has definitely saved the family jewels more than once. He took direct (fast ball hit and a line drive) to the cup - both bounded off (making a horrific sound and putting all of us watching in a giant cringe) without even a bruise to his junk. So - THANK YOU - Shock Doctor. You've saved the day multiple times!

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