Shock Doctor Core Compression Hockey Shorts with Bio-Flex Cup, Men’s & Boy’s

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The 362 Shock Doctor Core Compression Hockey Short is the superior choice for those players who prefer a compression hockey short or pant. If you're looking for a superior compression hockey short, you'll find better comfort and protection in the Core Compression Hockey short.

User reviews

I bought this jock to replace a Bauer one that I have that is currently coming apart at the seams at the back of the waistband and at the bottom of the crotch area. I had hoped that it would be a replacement but after skating tonight with it I have found that it could not be further than the truth.I had a SD jock prior to my current Bauer one and to be honest I wasn't impressed with it before and after owning a quality jock I still am not now. Bottom line is when a person skates their legs and abdomen move. Anyone that plays hockey knows this. The issue lies with the fact that the SD jocks fail in there ability to keep the cup from moving inside the holder. So, a person has to adjust the cup after every time they skate hard because it twists/shifts. Not sure why they don't realize this but apparently this is a new concept to themI would never recommend this to a fellow skater and if I could return it I would in a heartbeat since I will not skate with it again due to it being to uncomfortable. Back to Bauer for me.
These are excellent hockey jocks. I have two pairs and both have held up well, even with constant washing. If your hockey socks are a bit short, these compression shorts pull a bit, which can leave your cup sitting a little out of olace. The cup doesn't seem to sit quite right... I find myself adjusting it a lot, but it's pretty minor. I have a set of the loose fit mesh shorts, and those keep the cup in place far better than the compression shorts. The loose ones have elastic straps attached to the cup like a traditional jock. At first I found that to be annoying, but they keep that cup exactly where it needs to be. If the compression shorts held the cup in place that well, I don't think you could ask for anything more. Even with that minor issue, I cannot complain. These are an excellent product.
I bought this to replace my previous Shock Doctor hockey shorts that were just plain wearing out. I was disappointed when about a month after buying the stitching around the tag on the waist band started coming apart. Fortunately, my wife is pretty good with a sewing machine and made quick work of the repairs. I'm also not a big fan for how the cup fits against the body. It feels like it's pulling up and requires some adjustment during use. The Velcro sock holders work well and are a better design over my previous pair but I still use sock tape to hold everything in place.

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