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We’ve got all the Hockey Gear you need! Even Heated Apparel!! Which is THE perfect solution to combat the coldest rinks on the planet! Check out Heated Vests that are like a warm hug in a cold rink! Hats that make you smarter (kidding – warmer). STAY TOASTY AT THE RINK!

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Thanks for visiting Rink Rater’s Gear Store!  We’ve pulled together a comprehensive collection of all things Hockey! Since Rink Rater is a Free App, one of the ways we make a small return, is through an “Amazon Affiliate” account, so anything you purchase through our Gear Store, comes to us as a small percentage for driving traffic to Amazon.

We’ve created a store that features the best prices on Amazon (eBay & Etsy) And by the way, the prices are in no way bumped up to cover our commission. This helps us invest back into making Rink Rater even better! We’ve got a variety of additional features that we plan on building in, so thanks for making your purchases through Rink Rater!

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